Sunday, August 19, 2012

Looking Forward to Change

Seeing as though we're just a couple of weeks away from moving LTS into 145 St. Philip, we figured it would be a good time to regroup and refresh for a moment.  Since "the summer of change" began all of our days have been jam packed balancing acts between life's usual hullabaloo and preparing to take Charleston's fitness to an entirely new level.  Don't worry just yet.  You still have until after Labor Day to try other locations to see if they work and we know they probably will.  They will because you know what you're getting when you walk through the door.  There is no guesswork; there are no surprises; and there certainly isn't going to be any change.

As far as service and management is concerned we want to have a similar consistency.  The kind that made Blue Fish Fitness Club one of the most unique health clubs in the southeast.  This club's appeal didn't come from its regular classes or its machinery.  Members were drawn there time and time again because it was indeed a "club" where the staff and members interacted with each other as if they were at a family reunion.  When it comes to health and fitness, however, we are all about sacrificing consistency in workouts for the sake of seeing improvements and getting results.  We want those at LTS to feel like they can always depend on getting quality care and service but we also want them to count on being regularly surprised with fresh and challenging workouts.  

145 St. Philip has stood the test of time and so shall we by combining the best customs of our past with the latest trends of the present, helping to renew a culture of fitness for the next generation.  We support a fitness center that revolves around fundamental human values such as compassion, healthiness, and having fun.  Even though it rests on a stable center we also support a fitness center that continually evolves past its habits in order to discover new ways of maintain optimal health through diet and exercise.  First things first, we need to "break the habits" and the irony is that there are classic ways of doing that.   

One of the hardest things to do is to acknowledge that there might be a problem.  This requires that you become aware of what you're doing for exercise and how your body is responding overtime.  We pass this first obstacle by providing regular health and movement screenings which help take workout programs through the necessary changes depending on what you discover about yourself.  Your results will encourage you to take a look at your current training routine and determine what's missing or what needs to be missed.  If bad habits are what’s hindering your progress then we make it easier to give up those practices by having others ready to fill the void.  This is why we offer a series of workout programs for individuals, small groups, and large groups that provide smart and easy to follow guidelines which are always open for revision depending on your current condition.  

It is easy to lose yourself in hours of repetitive motions because as soon as you become well habituated to them then you can mentally disengage while your body continues through the motions.  We want the complete opposite.  We want you to think LONG and hard about yourself while training.  This practice not only improves physical benefits such as increased muscle activation, better postural control, and improved cardiovascular function but it also crosses over into the mental side of things as well.  You’ll experience an improved ability to focus during times of stress, an empowered your sense of self that let’s go of how it appears, and a stronger health consciousness that encourages you to pay more attention to how you feel throughout the day.  

If all of the process goals described above are met, then you can always be certain of that you're going to reach the outcome goals you've set for yourself while walking through LTS's front door.  What's even better is that you'll know it if you're not.  ; ) 


Noel L. Poff, CSCS, CPT, LMT, LTS Trainer, Dish Washer, Floor Sweeper, House Cleaner

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