Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Hale and Hearty Limbo...

[The period of transition from Blue Fish Fitness Club to  Long Training Studios has left many members wondering about the fate of the their fitness getaway.  Future members may also be curious about what to expect from our services.  This entry is intended to give a brief introduction about the basic concepts we’re working with while we develop the studio and how they apply to exercise.]  

           As we continue to introduce people to the training programs at Long Training Studios (LTS) we are constantly coming up with ideas about the unique things we can do at our future home on 145 St. Philip Street.  The possibilities are endless.  Even though we are spitting out ideas as fast as Marvel spits out Spiderman movies most of our energy is geared towards grasping a time tested way of training proven to help people rediscover a level of physical potential they never thought they had.  What’s revolutionary about this model is that it does not promote the idolization of a certain physique or physical talent.  It instead leads people to rediscover the bodies and skills they already have by simply being human beings. 

      This is the philosophy behind what challenges you can expect to find at LTS.  We deliver multidimensional workouts constructed from functional exercises that change weekly but still follow a progressive and periodized training model.  Our highly experienced and knowledgeable staff will introduce and guide you through these programs in groups or in private.  This may not sound that much different than how gyms already try to operate, but one thing not mentioned yet is that you do not have to overcome obstacles by yourself.  The weight behind you reaching your goals is shared between all of the trainers, staff, and other members who you’ll get to know really well.  It doesn't matter whether you are training privately or with a group because not one person will be on their own, not one person will not know what to do, and not one person will be ignored.  

           If you are a strong believer in hours of solo-treadmill time or muscle-isolation training then you may be disappointed not to find much of these activities at Long Training Studios.  Regardless of your preferences, you should at least try a workout here in order to begin to get a taste for a whole different way of training altogether.  Since the dark ages of body-sculpting and the machine-market it is slowly being relearned that the best exercises cannot be replicated with machines.  These exercises require you to learn to be your own machine by learning to provide your own support for movement and your own resistance for building strength.  The programs reflect your level of awareness in these abilities and our regular assessments will help you determine where that level may be. 

          We have a lot to look forward to in the launch of LTS next month.  Not only are we excited about setting up a new facility, working out in a new area, and washing up in brand new showers, but we are also excited about the many friends to be made at LTS.  Until then we are going to continue making the most fun out of our temporary location on 360 Concord Street on the first floor of the Fountain Walk complex.  Hope to see you there or when things really get rolling on St. Philip.  Peace!

- Noel L. Poff, CSCS, CPT, LMT, LTS Trainer

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